Using Pavement Signs Effectively

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Pavement signs are an easy way to extend your advertising presence outside the doors of your business. Small and portable, you can use them to advertise specific events or promotions as well as draw customers into your business. But getting the most out of your pavement signs means thinking strategically about when, where, and how to deploy them. Here are some simple tips for effective pavement sign advertising. 

Choose your location

Pavement signs work to direct customers into your business, but they work best if they're placed somewhere that's easy to see without obstructing pedestrian traffic. To really get a feel for where to place a sign, it helps to observe foot traffic at busy times for a while and judge the best spot to put your sign. If you're trying to steer customers to an entrance that isn't easily visible from the main street, make sure that you can see the entrance from where the sign is placed. If you're using pavement signs to promote a mobile business like a food truck, you'll have to judge on a case-by-case basis. It's vital here to have signs that visually echo your other signage so that potential customers looking around will spot you easily. 

Choose your sign

There are several types of pavement sign; which one you choose will depend on the needs of your business and the environment in which you'll be deploying it. If you want to promote changing sales or specials, get a sign with a writeable surface such as a chalkboard or whiteboard -- ideally one with a permanent header that reflects your brand identity. If you're dealing with a building with limited signage space, a permanent outdoor sign could be a good choice. Lockable signs can be left out overnight, which can be an advantage in some environments. You should also consider sign weight; heavier weighted signs are more resistant to wind and weather, but more difficult to transport and store. 

Get creative

Pedestrians are constantly being exposed to advertising, so your advertising needs to catch the eye. One way to do this is by creative self-expression. Witty pavement signs are popular enough that they're practically a genre of viral social media post. Indulge your sense of humour or artistic expression when working on writeable signs. Another kind of creativity is creativity with location. Although they're most commonly placed outside doorways, there's nothing that says pavement signs have to be there. Find places to deploy them that naturally catch the eye. They can even be used indoors, to draw attention to particular displays, identify shop sections, or control the flow of foot traffic insider your business.